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The NuFlow Technology “No Dig” system implements cured in place materials to mould to the host pipe. The seamless pipe relining prevents infiltration and ex-filtration, restores structural integrity, eliminates weak joints that allow root intrusion, spans void sections and forms around multiple bends and junctions.

NuFlow Technology’s system is so versatile that the operator can reline sections of pipe as short as 1 metre, as long as 45m. The reline can start and stop in any section of pipe as required, and is suitable for pipe from 40mm to over 1.5m in diameter.

There is no requirement to reline an entire length of pipe, to repair one damaged section. We can repair a 1 meter section, in the middle of a 100 meter line if necessary.

The NuFlow system will adhere and bond to all types of pipes, whether they are used for DRINKING WATER, Sewerage, Stormwater, Gas and Hot Water; including Copper, PVC (Plastic), Earthenware, Steel, Galvanized and Cast Iron.

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